Beetroot Systemic Detoxifier

POSTED BY Brian Lamb | Aug, 31, 2016 |

Medium size raw* organic beetroot
Large orange
Small handful of walnuts or pecans
Small handful of raisins (best not contain ‘lubricating’ oils)
Cloudy apple juice, as required
* cooked beetroot is not effective

Scrub, not peel the beetroot, finely grate and add to a blender1 with the orange, nuts
and raisins. Use sufficient cloudy apple juice to blend into a consistency that can be
eaten slowly off a spoon – this is not a smoothie – it must be chewed.
Beetroot has a long reputation as a detoxifier, anti-cancer agent, oxygenator and is also
used to reduce high blood pressure. This recipe is rich in digestive enzymes,
phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins. Beets ar also a rich source of nitrates which are
converted in the digestive system to nitrites and then nitrous oxide gas which is a
relaxant to the blood vessels and therefore valuable against erectile dysfunction.

This is a powerful recipe and should be used once every three days2. The urine will be
turned pink and then surprisingly, the day after, the urine colour may be normal and
on the third day it may return again tinged pink. Give sufficient time for the Systemic
Detoxifier to be digested before eating other food.

1. Blend at the lowest possible speed because high speed blending tends to denature
the all-important digestive enzymes (the popular NutriBullet blender is not suitable
for this recipe)
2. Or as individually indicated

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